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World Radio Day 2022

World Radio Day 2022:

Community Radio – high on the TRUST barometer!!!

TRUST in media has been a growing issue and challenge, where the space for freedom of

speech and of the media has been narrowing along with the space for exercise of other

rights. The consequences for the state of democracy are clear: the world has become

less free and less democratic every year for the past 15 years – and the negative

development continues. In 2020, 75 percent of the global population had their

basic rights restricted or limited in some way, to which the Covid-19 crisis has only

contributed further, the Executive Director of International Media Support, Jesper

Højberg reports.

The search has been on for media and information sources you can trust, where the

past US President's crazy rants about 'fake news' and 'alternative facts' showcased the

desorientation and the subsequent need for both fact-checking in the media and

strengthened citizen Media Literacy levels. In our increasingly complex world, we

need this to make sense of it all and make well-informed life choices. Also this has been

further underscored during the Covid pandemic, where mis- and disinformation has


Over the years I have carried out quite a few impact assessments of community media

in different parts of the world, and every time audiences and producers have stressed

that they trust their community radio, because it is theirs; because it speaks their

language - even their local dialect, because the broadcasters are their community

members and because they know each other.

Trust in community radio is earned because of its community roots. Because it

is ours! Now that the February 13, the World Radio Day is behind us, it is time to live up

to the celebratory talks and the vows for next steps. With trust as the basis, then

next step is action!

Happy World Radio Day 2022 – from me to you,

Birgitte Jallov

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