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Find out what community media in Europe are all about and share our work!



  • Spaces of Inclusion - Needs of refugees and migrants in the domain of media communication and on responses by community media LINK


  • Online module Inclusion through media LINK

Image_Spaces of Inclusion.pdf.jpg

Media Literacy

  • MEDIA LITERACY FOR ALL - Supporting marginalised groups through community media - LINK 


  • With every show, I learn something!" Educational services and contributions to lifelong learning by community radio and TV in Austria LINK 

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Community Media Mapping

Mapping Europe 2012: Overview

Community Media

Fact sheets

  • CoE multilingual fact sheets LINK

  • Overview Community Media (CMFE 2013) LINK

Cyprus 2020 Media Literacy for All.pdf.j

Gender equality

  • Gender Policy for Community Radio LINK


Digital Radio Resources

  • Digital Community Radio LINK 

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