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Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness

A European Union / Council of Europe Joint Programme

January 2013 – December 2014

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Today, in Europe, too many people are not visible in the media. Even worse, when these same groups appear in the media, they are confined to specific roles and consigned to limited topics. Thus, as different groups are barely visible, they are denied their voice in the democratic debate! (cf. Media, Diversity Inclusiveness – what is the problem?)

This is why the joint European Union (EU)/Council of Europe (CoE) program MEDIANE – Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness chose to focus on the media's abilities to include diversities of European societies in the production process as well as in the design of media content, in particular of news that contribute to inform public opinion.

Building upon various recommendations of the CoE bodies on media pluralism and diversity expression, the achievements of the 2008-2010 anti-discrimination campaign and its joint EU/CoE program MARS – Media Against Racism in Sport, MEDIANE considered diversity and non-discrimination as ongoing angles of media coverage. Through this approach, MEDIANE encouraged truly inclusive modes of media content design and production.


MEDIANE offered the media and their professionals (journalism students and trainers, journalists, media managers, etc.) the opportunity to share professional practices, either during European or thematic encounters or on a one-to-one basis, through European Exchanges. Beyond this sharing of experiences, professionals from public service, commercial, and community media were invited to build a Media Index on diversity inclusiveness. The project was a chance for all involved to renew their working methods, foster mutual understanding, and advance the fight against racism.



  • CMFE - Community Media Forum Europe 

  • EFJ – The European Federation of Journalists

  • EJTA – The European Journalism Training Association 

  • MA - Media Animation 

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