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Preserving Non-Profit Broadcasting: A Call for Fair Media Practices in Germany

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

In a recent development, the Community Media Forum Europe has voiced strong opposition to the Saxon Media Council's decision to categorize a privately funded, advertisement-driven radio program as a non-commercial local radio, thereby qualifying it for funding traditionally reserved for community media. This move, according to CMFE, prematurely bypasses essential criteria that ensure operations are participatory, non-profit, and independent from commercial influences. Such a decision not only threatens the integrity and purpose of community media but also risks undermining the long-standing efforts of non-commercial local radio stations in Saxony. These stations have historically played a crucial role in fostering media diversity and ensuring the freedom of information.

The CMFE's protest underscores the need for clear, democratic involvement of civil society in media classifications, aligning with European standards on media pluralism and transparency. They emphasize the vital role of independent, public service, and not-for-profit community media as a counterbalance to media concentration, catering to the diverse informational needs of society. CMFE calls for uniform criteria for all German community media, advocating for reliable financial support that upholds economic and governmental neutrality. This stance is a testament to the CMFE's commitment to preserving a diverse, inclusive media landscape that represents a multitude of voices and perspectives.

You can download CMFE's protest letter here (German version) and here (English version).

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