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With a mission to advocate for and raise awareness around the importance and role of community media, CMFE uses our newsletter as a point of regular contact with members and others interested in press freedom, diversity and media pluralism. All CMFE newsletters will cover action and news within our three thematic goal areas: (i) Legal, enabling environment -advocacy; (ii) Communication and Visibility; and finally, (iii) Action for Cooperation and Change. Our final ‘Classifieds’ section covers information on relevant events, calls and publications from within and of importance to our sector.

With 10 issues a year, CMFE’s newsletters will have five annual thematic issues, giving CMFE experts, board members and others interested, an opportunity to go more in-depth with some of the ever-changing issues of importance for our sector.


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You can write to us here if you have an article, a change-story or if you should like to edit a thematic issue? 


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