Strategic Plan

The CMFE board, facilitated by board member Birgitte Jallov, has worked on our strategic plan in the first half of 2018: it was presented at the GA and we are proud to share it with you:

CMFE Strategic Plan 2018

Together with our members and partners, we are working towards our vision: “A society where community media are recognized and supported as important inclusive sites for dialogue, debate and learning, owned by the communities, and where all citizens have access to freely address issues of concern.”

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Our Mission

CMFE serves as a platform for dialogue and recognition of community media at the European level, as clearly distinct media sector alongside national public service and private commercial media. In a context where freedom of expression and access to information are increasingly endangered by concentration in the media field and by the spread of misinformation, community media are a indicator media Pluralism. 


CMFE raises awareness about the contributions of community media to democratic participation and development, and it supports cooperation with new independent civic media initiatives in transition countries.


Obtaining recognition of the 3rd Media Sector by the European Union and the Council of Europe as a point of reference for national culture and media policy.


Establishing funding possibilities for community media within the future MEDIA programme and other media-related EU budget lines.


Building up a platform for continuous dialogue and discussion on how to ensure media pluralism, freedom of expression and access to information throughout Europe.


The drawing up of a Framework Convention on Community Media to guarantee the basic requirements on a national level.


Raising awareness about the large number of social and cultural issues which are covered and supported by the activities of community media.


Strengthening cooperation and giving support to new independent civic media initiatives in transition countries, this being a key condition for democratic participation and development in their societies.



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