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CMFE urges the Slovenian Ministry of Culture to include community media in the new media law.

In December 2023, The Slovenian Ministry of Culture published a draft proposal of the new media law which contains no mention or particular regulation of the Third Media Sector. Radio Študent, a member of CMFE, launched a campaign advocating for the needs of the third media sector through various radio broadcasts and public events to inform the professional and general public about its crucial role in the media landscape, and to emphasize the sector’s need for the appropriate regulation of the conditions under which it functions. CMFE fully supports Radio Študent in its advocacy activities and in its efforts to ensure that the legislator recognizes the third media sector as an important pillar of a pluralistic media space and provides it with the basic and necessary conditions for its functioning.

Since the adoption of the European Parliament resolution on Community Media in Europe (A6-0263/2008), the Slovenian Government has failed to implement the recommendations of the EP to its Member States to recognize the existence of non-profit community media at the legislative level and to provide them with legal, material and other essential conditions needed for their smooth functioning.

Read the full statement here.

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