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Radio ARA hosts CMFE GA and Media Pluralism Conference

The challenges Luxembourg’s media landscape is facing give an outlook on general challenges for the European general public and its media actors. Almost 50% of Luxembourgs population do not possess its nationality, there are three official languages (Luxembourgish, French and German) and 3 additional languages considered the main language for bigger parts of the population (Portuguese, English, Italian).

Almost a third of Luxembourg’s work force are people crossing the border every day. What does this diversity mean for media institutions in search of their public? How to secure representation and participation? And how is media pluralism guaranteed? These questions hit Luxembourg’s media landscape during a time of preoccupation with other, global crises: the decline of revenue, audience and credibility.

July was a important month for the future of Luxembourg’s media sector. It saw a political debate about the “public media service” and at the same time a law was presented that aims to reform the state’s press funding. Have the right tools been chosen?

Community media have for the first time been a real part of the debate but were deceived by the preliminary results: No real recognition of the third pillar, no funding that would address its problems.

The conference “Last chance for media pluralism” aims to keep the discussion around Luxembourg’s media landscape and the local media players focused on the greater goals. It explores the question to which extend Community Media are an important tool to encounter today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

The CMFE Annual General Assembly takes place October 10 at 6 – 8 pm CET On-site or on-line – Sign up for participation here!

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