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Display Europe - Democracy runs on screens - Call for proposals


We are proud to announce that CMFE is a partner of the Display Europe project. will be a ground-breaking media platform anchored in public values. The platform provides citizens across the continent with access to trustworthy information and to a picture of Europe that is not usually conveyed by mainstream or national media.

Today, we share with you an important grant opportunity for community media who produce journalistic content with European relevance. Check out the call below and apply for this grant!"


Display Europe invites formal and informal media organisations to apply for a grant to produce journalistic content with European relevance, which will be made accessible through the new platform

This call supports media platforms to produce high quality journalistic content in all possible

formats. We want to fund both local media organisations interested in expanding and connecting

their work to European level, as well as outlets that have a proven journalistic record in serving

pan-European audiences. Read the full call for proposals here.

Display Europe is part of the Initiative for European Public Space, a coalition built to shape a

European media landscape. The architects of “Display Europe – Democracy runs on Screens”

believe in a European media, grounded in public values and inclusivity.

As a result, independent and citizen media are building, a European media platform that is

open to all citizens in a twofold sense: citizens throughout Europe can receive the media

translated into their own language via a central platform, and European citizens are able to

contribute content to the platform via the widespread existing structures of citizens’ media.

Read the full call for proposals here.

Display Europe Grant Call_newsletter boilerplate (1)
Download PDF • 142KB

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