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First community media production for Get the Trolls Out!

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Our Voice at Radio Dreyeckland produced and broadcasted the first community media piece for the Get the Trolls Out project. It discusses recent coverage in German media scapegoating Muslim and migrant populations for the impacts of the Corona virus pandemic. "People with a migration background are particularly affected by Corona," said an article in the Frankfurter

Allgemeine Zeitung (3 May 2021). The article implied that intensive care patients are mostly migrants and that their religious background is related to this.

In the radio show, the team of Our Voice speaks with members of concerned communities about how they experience Corona and how they protect themselves from it. Iman Ouadria, student and ambassador of the Freiburg Intercultural Weeks 2020, and Mustafa Hussien, activist for the rights of refugees who lives in Berlin, have their say. They also take a journalistically critical look at the texts with Viktoria Balon, coordinator of the "In Other Languages" programme at Radio Dreyeckland and editor-in-chief of the "InZeitung" newspaper.

You can listen to the program here:

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