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The way from the periphery to the centre

New article about the shifting role of community media

Source: Gabriella Velics

Date: 10. January, 2022

Urszula Doliwa and Judith Purkarthofer have just published an article „Community media’s role in changing centre-periphery relations through participatory, not-for-profit journalism” in International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics. The authors have strong connection to CMFE as former President and Vice President during the years 2013-2019. and already have several valued publications on community media.

As traditional notions of journalism focus exclusively on professionals, often embedded in media outlets and publishing houses, this new article sets out to explore the role of community media in working towards the recognition of participatory, not-for-profit journalism, more diverse discourses and enhanced participation, especially in relation to minorities. The research draws on policy documents at the European level, reports from European projects with community media involvement as well as on interviews with community media activists and journalists. As a result, the authors can show strategies of bringing peripheral actors to the centre by using community media based on access and participation, social inclusion, giving a voice and media literacy development. The study proposes a model of the role of community media in shifting peripheral actors to more central positions.

Urszula Doliwa is an associate professor and head of Institute of Journalism and Social Communication at the University of Warmia and Mazury, Poland. Her research interests centre on radio and community media.

Judith Purkarthofer works as an assistant professor at the University Duisburg-Essen. Her research interests centre on multilingualism in families, educational institutions and social contexts like community media.

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