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She Talks on BCB Radio!

SOURCE: BCB Radio Bradford England.

She Talks on BCB Radio!

For the last 25 years BCB, the community radio station for Bradford, West Yorkshire, has been celebrating International Women's Day 8 March. Originally this meant applying for a special licence to run a dedicated women's radio station, called Radio Venus, for several days - or even a week! Since BCB started broadcasting fulltime, BCB women have continued to take over the airwaves on this day, celebrating and showcasing women in Bradford. This year, as well as 8 March, we are focusing on the whole of March, broadcasting a series of programmes and features produced by women under the banner of 'She Talks'.

The events of the last 12 months - i.e. the issues amplified by the Black Lives Matters Movement, the stark inequalities that the Covid pandemic has highlighted, against the backdrop of climate change, has focused our minds - yet again - on those voices that don't get heard. So this March our focus has very much been on putting Black Women and Women of Colour at the heart of our broadcasting. We can't underestimate the empowering role that community radio can play in women's lives, especially for those broadcasting for the first time. We've actively sought out women from our diverse grass-roots communities, training and supporting women to make radio, sharing their passions, aspirations and have their lived experiences recognised. Bringing women together and creating community over the airwaves has never been more important than it is right now.

She Talks - and She will continue to talk!

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