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Nyimas Bantaba on ALEX Berlin discusses headscarf bans

The CMFE Multimedia productions for Get The Trolls Out! (podcasts, regular broadcasts, talk shows, written articles and multimedia stories) offer counter-narratives, analysis and broader perspectives to combat hate speech.

A headscarf can be a sign of religious and social affiliation, an adornment or a fashion accessory. However, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that a headscarf in the workplace may be inadmissible due to a lack of neutrality. So how do the wearers see it? Who decides what is ‘neutral’ and how much diversity is accepted in European societies? In this special edition of Nyimas Bantaba for GTTO, Nyima’s guests include Sara Farid (photojournalist), Sarra Riahi (Advocacy and Policy Assistant at the European Network on Religion and Belief, part of the GTTO project team) and Meryem Ben Slimane (teacher and founding member of the Islam in Germany Foundation).

In her TV talk show at ALEX Berlin, Nyima Jadama wants to give migrants and refugees a safe place to voice their problems and get involved in society. “Nyimas Bantaba” is a place for migration and women’s power. The word Bantaba comes from the journalist’s mother tongue Mandinka, which is spoken in West Africa. Bantaba is a big tree under which the community in the Gambia gathers to talk about the concerns of society.

ALEX Berlin is the cross-media community broadcaster that makes Berlin’s content visible. On-site or in the new Open Space, online, on TV or the radio. ALEX Berlin supports and promotes media makers in the production and distribution of their content. ALEX Berlin sets priorities: on the topics of digital society and local politics, in the field of (pop) culture and with the promotion of media competencies. ALEX Berlin is an institution of the Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg and is financed by the broadcasting fee.

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