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New Neighbours Interviews: expert talks on media and migration

For the New Neighbours project, project partner COMMIT commissioned a series of interviews

Annalisa Camilli
Annalisa Camilli

on media, migration and integration issues to local researchers in different European countries. The talks provide expert analyses and perspectives on the reporting and portrayal of refugees and migrants in the media and complement the country-specific Fact sheets.

We invite you to read more about the issue around media and migration in some of the countries where the documentary films have been produced.


Maurizio Ambrosini is professor of Sociology of Migration at the University of Milan, Department of Social and Political Sciences. Piera Francesca Mastantuono and Sabika Shah Povia talked to him. Link to interview here.

Annalisa Camilli is an award-winning Italian journalist who has written for the magazine Internazionale since 2007. She specifically focuses on immigration. The interview with her was conducted by Piera Francesca Mastantuono and Sabika Shah Povia. Link to interview here.

Anna Sfardini has a PhD in History of Media Representation and Consumption from the Catholic University of Milan and teaches Languages of Advertising at the University of Milan. Link to interview here.

Leila Ben Salah
Leila Ben Salah

Leila Ben Salah is a freelance journalist who collaborates with Radio bullets and works as a writer on the daily show “L’Aria che tira”. The interview with her was conducted by Sabika Shah Povia. Link to interview here.


Alaa Alali is a cultural mediator at the Peace Institute in Ljubljana within the project Refugee Action. He is a refugee in Slovenia, born in Damascus, Syrian Arabic Republic, and has been living in Ljubljana since 2015. Brankica Petković talked to him about his experiences. Link to interview here.

Mojca Pajnik is Associate Professor at the Department of Communication, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, and senior researcher at the Peace Institute, Ljubljana. She is author of numerous publications on citizenship, migration regimes, racism, gender (in)equality and media. Brankica Petković talked to her about media reporting and media policy in Slovenia. Link to interview here.



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