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Join the world teenage reporting project – COVID-19?

Are you a teenager involved in a local community media? Are you interested in making your voice heard in the current COVID-19crisis? Newsrooms doing broadcast, print and online with teenage reporters in 14 countries are already participating in the World Teenage Reporting Project around COVID-19, but there is room for you, too!

The project is a collaboration organized by Global Youth & News Media to produce stories by teenage reporters from newsrooms around the world about what their counterparts — other teenagers — are doing to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In part, the aim is to combat what seems to be the prevailing images of teenagers these days as careless beach frolickers who bring the virus home or as couch-sitters who just whine about their boredom.

You can see the details HERE what you and your teenage reporters would need to do.

For more details, contact Dr. Aralynn McMane,

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