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Generation Equality Forum

What a powerful women’s month this March has been with documentation of the situation of

women in the media, on how women are portrayed by the media and as users of the media. On the global stage the ‘Beijing+25 review’ of the ‘Plan of Action’ was foreseen with excitement, summing up the analysis by all the UN member countries.

The result highlighted the important role for media to “help to shift understanding of and norms regarding violence against women and girls and to promote positive norms in support of gender equality”.

This is highlighted because “The rapid changes in technology and media are creating new spaces for the perpetration of violence against women and girls” and that “The persistence of gender stereotypes and negative portrayals of women in the media … and the significant underrepresentation of women in the media play a significant role in shaping harmful attitudes of disrespect and violence towards women.”

CMFE furthermore welcomes the challenge presented adption of the final Political Declaration to emerge from the Commission on the Status of Women’s (CSW) which does not address the important role played by women in the media.

Reaching out, moving on

What you can do to be part of the global conversation about how to advance gender equality, is to engage with the Generation Equality Forum. It is a civil society-centred global gathering platform for gender equality, convened by UN Women and co-hosted by the governments of Mexico and France. The Forum will launch in Mexico City on 7-8 May 2020 and culminate in Paris on 7-10 July 2020 with interactive satellite sessions to maximize worldwide participation.

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