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CMFE is happy to pass on the invitation from the European Commission’s Media Literacy Secretariat to you all and encourage you to engage! You can enter here to become a part of it all: take part in existing events and register your own! The Commission writes:

As last year, we would also like to promote events at national/local level beyond the conference days, during the European Media Literacy Week (30 March – 5 April 2020). We count on your help to populate the map with as many relevant media literacy events as possible (including events taking place before the Week or during the rest of the year).

Please forward this (and the accompanying guide) to any stakeholder that might be able to contribute an event to the map.

The registration of events will take place via the Commission’s Futurium platform at the following link:…/european-media-literacy-events/events

Please find attached a quick guide on how to create new events in the group. Before being displayed on the map, events will have to be confirmed by group moderators (validators) to ensure the authenticity of the events or by us directly. I also attach the visual identity of the week which can be used once the events have been validated.

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