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Digital Radio Resources

Digital Radio and FM Digital Community Radio Within CMFE, digitalisation is one of the most discussed topics – for insiders, motivations of regulators and the industry seem far too obvious, for outsiders, the whole issue raises a lot more questions than expected. Our experts have tried to collect relevant information and present it in a comprehensible way.

Questions and Answers Most asked questions about analog and digital radio systems – and qualified answers.

Radio Spectrum Overview (Frequencies up to 240 MHz)

DRM+ trial in Stockholm, Sweden 2014 DRM+ trial in Brazil 2012 DRM+ trial in Rome (Vatican Radio) ITU Radiocommunications Study Group report 2013 DRM+ Research Leibniz Universität, Hanover (Germany)

Technische Untersuchungen und Projekte mit den digitalen Hörfunksystemen DRM/DRM+/HD-Radio in Kaiserlauten (Germany). Results of The DRM+ High Power Field Trials in the UK (BBC 2011) Case Studies of the Implementation of DRM+ in Band II (FM) EBU Report 2013

Matching audience demand to digital sound broadcasting Open letter to Lord Patten, BBC Trust Chairman (2012)

In the news

Community Radio Makes Its Stand for FM Radio in Brussels (CMFE & AMARC Europe statement to an European Commission work group meeting Oct. 2013)

Digital Radio Europe FM – News site about digital radio developments

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