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Conference on Migration and Media Awareness

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Organized by Refugee Radio Network in Hamburg in cooperation with CMFE, online and on-site, Hamburg Oct. 28-30

Some highlights:

Thursday, 28 October 17:00 - 18:10

CONVERSATION - Tracking EU Migration Funding in Africa

Where does it go, with what impact and who decides?

GUEST SPEAKER: Giacomo Zandonini, Journalist at The Correspondent

Saturday, 30 October 10:05 - 11:30 AM


Countering Disinformation Through Media Literacy

With the presentation of the Council of Europe Study

“Media Literacy for all. Supporting marginalized groups through community media”

Presentation by Martina Chapman, National coordinator Media Literacy Ireland

Saturday, 30 October 12:45 - 13:45


Les Panafricaines

Media Migrating across the continent through African women journalist in media.

Outlook, Advocacy & Experience.

Session Chaired by Birgitte Jallov, President, Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE)

Saturday, 30 October 16:45 - 17:50


Thanatopolitics, immigration and Racism Bugaboo:

«Let’s get critical»: This debate will examine migration, xenophobia and the psychosocial effect, with a focus on the increase in racially motivated hate crimes and murders across Europe and around the world.

Session Chaired by Larry Macaulay, Founder, Refugee Radio Network

Saturday, 30 October 19:10 - 20:10

STATEMENTS: “Looking Back, Thinking Ahead”!

Open Platform for statements, petitions, demands and agreements. creating opportunities for yourself without asking permission. the platform is filled with vibrant speakers, individuals you wouldn’t have heard from in traditional conferences, and perspectives

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