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COMMUNITY MEDIA contributions to citizens’ participation – a new report

Building upon expertise and research conducted across Europe, the study COMMUNITY MEDIA contributions to citizens’ participation, commissioned by the Council of Europe, analyses how community media provide spaces for local dialogue and cohesion across generations and different communities.

It does so by exploring the following questions:

· How do community media support and facilitate debate, dialogue and public participation both at the local level, and across different generations and communities?

· How do community media, both in rural and urban contexts, facilitate the involvement of the youth and elderly and how can community media claim its role in local networks of civil society?

· How can policymakers support the long-term viability of community media and what are the positive experiences and promising practices in different national contexts that we might learn from?

This report is based on case studies from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), France, Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, Slovenia and Switzerland. The selection of these countries was motivated by the objective of offering recommendations based on case studies from very distinct regional frameworks and the different conditions in which community media in Europe operate. The respective national reports are available for consultation online at

The Overall Recommendations underline the need for:

· Recognition of community media as a defined third sector

· Transparent and reliable funding schemes

· Recognition of volunteer engagement

· Support for the local anchorage of community media and their activities

The report is available on the Council of Europe page dedicated to Community Media ( and here.

The report was coordinated by Helmut Peissl (COMMIT) in collaboration with Judith Purkarthofer, Nadia Bellardi (CMFE), and Salvatore Scifo (Bournemouth University).

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