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Celebrating Women in Community Media

SOURCE: Birgitte Jallov CMFE President

Why is it that community media is such a powerful platform for women - our community, our stories, our development challenges and our celebrations? And why is it that women still - in most places - need to struggle to be well represented on air, in management and in the board rooms? And when successful: what is it having a voice generates of opportunities and change?

These are some of the questions that we and the many women from community media all over Europe explore in this issue of the CMFE newsletter, celebrating women - womens struggles and women's many victories.

We can promise you that you will leave the reading feeling encouraged, stirred, upset and hopeful based on the stories from around Europe: Poland, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Spain, Luxembourg and France/Syria,. We in CMFE look forward to receive your story of change, cooperation, and about how you

make community media visible and struggle for legal recognition.

In solidarity,

Birgitte Jallov CMFE President



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