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CMFE Member: Radio Rozana (France)

Rozana is an independent, politically and religiously non-affiliated media. Its programs discuss

Syrian issues and strive to give voice to all different viewpoints. Rozana aims to be a voice supporting democratic values, and encourage the adoption of the concepts of citizenship and justice in Syria. Rozana stresses the fact that Syria comprises a wide spectrum of Syrians of all colours. Rozana also seeks to create a professional journalistic culture by highlighting the humanitarian, social, and political issues in Syria.

Rozana offers multiple bulletins, news feeds, a variety of cultural awareness and service programs—entirely predicated on an interactive style of communication with Syrian listeners. Rozana’s chief strength lies in its network of professional reporters inside Syria, who transmit what is happening on the ground with the highest standards of professionalism.

Rozana broadcasts its radio programs out of the French capital Paris via the Internet and addresses them to Syrians of all age groups, with a particular focus on the target age group between 16—40. Rozana programming can be accessed through its website, on smart phones, or via satellite and short wave radio.

The Rozana website, in addition to offering access to its radio live transmission; also offers a multitude of opinion articles, reports and photographic content, as well as a host of constantly-evolving applications:

Very recently, Lina Chawaf, member of the CMFE board since 2017, and Executive Director of Rozana Media Foundation, delivered a speech on “Freedom of Journalism and Speech” at the opening of the ARIJ 11th Annual Forum on Investigative Journalism at the Dead Sea in Jordan:

She highlights Rozana’s mission to let all Syrians contribute in their program freely to reduce hate speech among media, social media and among people themselves and to help them to accept eachother no matter where they are. Through its platforms Rozana is working on social cohesion in the Syrian society: by empowering women and strengthening youth to express themselves and have their real role to build democracy and freedom of expression in the Syrian future.

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